23 February 2009

The A-List

Nesse começo de ano, eu um dia não tinha o que fazer da vida e estava na biblioteca procurando livros. Já que eu sou muito uma pessoa sem minha época adolescente lendo livros adolescentes e sim Harry Potter, eu fui na sessão de YOUNG ADULTS, a.k.a. onde você acha livros de teenagers daqui, no estilo Twilight, Gossip Girl, It Girl. Eu amei Gossip Girl, li todos quando eu estava no Brasil e amo o seriado mesmo sendo totalmente diferente!
Enfim, lá estava eu na biblioteca e aí, eu vi uma coleção de livros que era Best Selling da NYTimes. Comecei a ler e não parei mais, leio o tempo inteiro, trabalhando, fazendo qualquer coisa, adoro.
A coleção se chama The A-List que é uma novel sobre meninas ricas de Beverly Hills, com pai famoso, outro que quer ser ator, a coldheart bitch, e todas essas coisas que tem em todos livros e mais uma menina que decide de mudar pra L.A. pra morar com o pai e ter novas aventuras. Anna, a menina que se muda pra L.A. é de Upper East Side no maior estilo patrician (não significa patricinha, por favor minha gente) e preppy girl from NY. Eu não paro de ler, não tem como, é daqueles livros que se lê em 3 dias. Bom se tiver a chance de ler, leia. Ainda mais se você curtiu Gossip Girl, é uma versão mais apimentada e mais louca que se passa na West Coast bitch.

PS: A escritora se chama Zoey Dean.

18 February 2009

She said, "That's not fair. You're putting word in my mouth."
"Not really," he said. "I'm reading between the lines."

13 February 2009

Yay, Yay, Yay.
Um ano à mais de Califórnia!
Tô super feliz!

09 February 2009


Ok, in a month and a half I'll be completing 1 year of USA. OMG, time goes by so fast that you cannot even breath and you probably think that one year was nothing, wasn't enough to do at least
1/3 of what you really wanna do. That's why I am staying one more year, until April 2010.
This new year will be great, hopefully. New family, new dreams, new goals, new deals, new everything. I can't wait.
I miss Brazil a lot, but in my heart I feel that it is not time to go back, not yet, you know what I mean? Here is not my dream or the best place on earth, but I love here, I really do. It's definitely my once in a life time experience. But oh God, time goes by so fast, that it seems that I got here yesterday and it's almost a year. And now lets celebrate, because I think that everything is heading the right way, so lets go with the flow.

05 February 2009

Eis que Sonja Van Bebber fala: "I hold on to pieces untill they fall apart."
-somos gêmeas, beijos.
Aí Anne Hathaway fala: "This was the year when I began to learn to trust myself, to see fashion as something that could liberate you rather than define you in a negative way."
-você é minha nova diva de palavras, beijos.
Depois Dasha Zhukova falou: "What I wear really depends on mood. I tend to stay on the casual side, but sometimes I love a fussy dress."
E depois completa com: "I think it is fascinating that clothes can drastically transform someone's mood or the way they feel about their appearance."
-você é linda e quero ser como você.

aí depois vejo Obama falar: It is a matter not enforcing one's will on others but of inspiring others to follow. Change is about making choices, but choosing change for the good is and expression of our humanity.
-eu sei que não tem nada haver com o resto do "texto" falando de moda, mas foi tão lindo ler isso na Vogue. Obama eu acredito em você, beijos.

notas de cabeceira

- have a very full live, great career, and be able to combine clothes in a young effortless way.
- minimalist and simplicity are so hard to get right.
- do not need to be the super sex bomb, should be effortless natural.

Shopping for life.

There are certain iconic pieces you can't go wrong with.
They are simple and chic and don't try to be more that what they are.
The worst mistake you can make on a budget is to get something that's tricky.
Spending a little more on one key piece that will inject your look with a sense of specialness.
Consider in versatility in color fabric and dress code.
You want something that you will love as much in three years.

04 February 2009

it's important not to conform to what you think other people want you to be.

"she is like a human lava lamp. she makes you stay in touch with what is in her mind by what is on her face."

03 February 2009

L. Campbell.

And even more implausible, how did I end up where I am, with four-bedroom apartment in "white-glove" doorman building in Manhattan, a country house, and two kids in private school?
But for us, it was different. My parents divorced, and my mother and I did move. Far. It's as if someone shot a gun in the air, said "Go!" and we ran in opposite directions as fast as we could for two decades.
With an awkward, unremitting silence between us, we attempted to come together, or maybe, at least for a while, stop running.
Me feeling that her remote lifestyle was just a physical manifestation of the remoteness that had always been between us, and she, no doubt, thinking I was unwilling to respect her decision to choose this life.
Still, it seems my mother and I have spent most of our lives in a poker game of rejection, with one of us upping the ante on each round.
I recognize that we either come together now or we most likely never will.
I'll always wish more of that mothering had been directed my way.

02 February 2009

se tem uma coisa que é de verdade verdadeira é que o tempo não passa para quem espera, beijos amigos, meu tempo voa!

01 February 2009

saí na busca dos nossos velhos laços. que se desamarraram por iniciativa e batalha pessoal de terceiros. ainda que não te tenha visto, abraçado, sentido, creia, ainda assim me sinto feliz.