27 September 2011

28 January 2011

you just broke my heart today telling me what you told me.
i'm sorry that you are everything for me.
i'm sorry for giving up all my biggest dreams just to be with you.
i'm sorry if i depend on you 24/7.
i'm sorry for loving you more than it's possible and dreaming about you every day and wanting
to me with you all the time.
i'm sorry for missing you the entire day... all the time that i'm without you.
i'm sorry... it's just too hard to understand life without you... to pass through it.
i did all i wanted to do... i'm done... all i wanted was to be with you forever.
i'm pretty sure i'm the most jealous person on earth... but baby, you make me
lose my head, go crazy, be nuts... and my world is all about you.
everything you want, you need, you ask for...
you know when someone really loves you if this person is able to give up
it's deepest dream just to be with the loved one.
and that's what i have been doing. all i want is to be with you, right by your side.
and i know that i act up for every little thing.
but honey, i'm not the only one.
i lost faith in love until i met you.
until i met you i didn't think love as possible.
i used to think that it was crazy to love someone the way i love you.
that it was insane to be happier than ever only with this one person.
and i was pretty sure i found my prince charming. you are pretty much
everything i've ever asked for.
maybe i should just let things go the way they are supposed to be.
but i just can't.
i'm here crying because you are not by my side... because you are not here
with me.
because i know you don't love me they way i love you.
i know you don't want to be with me now... and oh baby, it hurts, it hurts so
much that it's physical pain.
a stupid message fucked up everything we had during these 8 months.
i've traveled all around, i've met a lot of people, i've done so many things...
but nothing was as good as being with you... knowing that someone really loves
now i just want to disappear... and i wish i couldn't cry.
sorry, but i love you too much to fucking lose you.
i know that if i lose you it will be all the same again, and i don't want it.
all i want is to be right by your side.
i really do love you f.